Towards the Biologically-inspired Computer
Ricard V. Solé
, Javier Macia Francesc Posas

Within the new EU project CELLCOMPUT, we will develop, both at the theoretical and experimental level, new approaches to the synthesis and manipulation of computing cells. Specifically, we want to explore the problem of how reliable computations can be obtained using biological components, and how to manipulate cells (using Yeast as our case study) in order to obtain predefined logic gates. Our involvement as a theoretical group will include the mathematical analysis of combinatorial circuits, the design of cellular architectures consistent with available information from biology and eventually the design of a general-purpose biocomputer. This work will be done at the Complex Systems Lab and in parallel with experimental implementations at the Francesc Posas Lab at UPF.


We are looking for a PhD candidate to work on our CELLCOMPUT project. The candidate will do both experimental and theoretical work, which means we look -ideally- for experimental training and knowledge of essential maths (including algebra, integral and differential calculus, probability theory and differential equations) and programming. Potential candidates would include biologists, physicists, chemists and computer scientists. Candidates with no training in the wetlab must have genuine interest in the experimental side and be ready for learning the techniques required. Interest and knowledge in evolutionary biology are specially wellcome (creationists not wellcome).

We are looking for enthusiastic people with open minds, able to explore relevant (sometimes ambitious) questions. Our team is truly interdisciplinary and allways moving to the edge of the ongoing research. If you feel like this is too much, do not apply. If you like the real challenges and think that your interests and training match the previous requirements, please send us your CV to the following emails:

ricard.sole@upf.edu (Ricard Sole, Complex Systems Lab, head)

javier.macia@upf.edu (Javier Macia, CSL, responsible for the theoretical part of CELLCOMPUT)

francesc.posas@cexs.upf.es (Francesc Posas, responsible for the experimental part of CELLCOMPUT)