PACE project (Programmable Artificial Cell Evolution)


The VIRTUAL LAB is a wiki  that seeks to integrate the scientific reports aroud the software tools developed by the theoretical and computational working groups integrating the European PACE Project FP6-002035 (Programmable Artificial Cell Evolution). The works presented here include a brief description in an abstract form where a summary of the main goals and results of the works are discussed. Moreover, each work also provides a working paper (draft, documents or published paper), a demoand/or the source code used for the simulations. Several relevant references and  related links to other websites are also provided. 
The aim of this website is to provide a platform that enables us to share these works within the PACE project as well as with the broader scientific community working on related topics.


1/03/2007   First public release and publication of this web page

This website is under construction

Simulation software tools by research subjects:

Quantum Self-assembly in Artificial Minimal Living Cells
Self-replicating nanocells
Life cycle of the Los Alamos Bug
Molecular Dynamics (MD) studies of lipid-water systems and their interactions with short information molecules
Reaction Kinetics (RK) coupling of gene and container replications: Emergence of protocellular growth laws
Metabolic photo-fragmentation reaction kinetics for a minimal protocell
Multipole Reactive DPD with Applications to Vesicular Protocells
Evolving inductive generalization via genetic self-assembly Electronic Circuits
Rigid body mechanic simulations
Evoself: a Spin-lattice Model of Evolutionary Self-organization
Algorithmic Self-assembly
Omega Machine
Mesoscopic Simulations of Metabolism-vesicle Growth
Hypercycle dynamics: Stochastic Cellular Automata
Vesicle fusion and Nanoparticle-Membrane interactions
Simulation Package for Physically Self-assembling Units
Monte Carlo Simulations of Amphiphiles
Simulations of Minimal Protocell Self-replication
Chemoton Model: Software Simulation Tools
Simulations of Victim-Exploiter Replicator Dynamics
Demonstration of Multi-level selection in an Artificial Chemistry
Simulation of Self-replicating Spots
Simulation Software of Molecular Quasispecies: the Error Threshold
Catalysis by Self-assembled Structures in Reaction Networks
Lipid World: Molecular Dynamics Simulation tool
ALICE Software Package: Artificial Lipids Interactions

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The materials of this website are open source.
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