Andreea's homepage


"You can't depend on your eyes if your imagination is out of focus" ~ Mark Twain



Here you can find mainly information on my current research and the associated interests, but also some selected facts, links and pictures that are important to me.

My work during PhD research at UPC centered on the applications of nonlinear dynamics to astrophysics, investigating on the possible chaotic origin of irregular variable stars. Since 2004 and after quite a course change, I was a postdoc at Ricard Sole's group, the Complex Systems Lab in Barcelona and my work concerned the analysis and the conception of biological models associated to a theoretical artificial cell. Until February 2007 my work developed in the mark of the EU-funded PACE project aiming at the theoretical and experimental realization of a synthetic protocell. I'm still very interested in exploring the transition from the chemical to the biological level, including biochemical cycles, spatial pattern formation, emergent robustness and regulation mechanisms in biological systems. Until February 2010 I worked in the mark of EU-funded Project SYNLET to develop deterministic and stochastic models of cancer-cell molecular networks. Until March 2012, I will be focusing only on one subject that interests me very much too: the mathematics of evolutionary developmental biology. For this, I am working in James Sharpe's Lab, in the same building.